Skin Type Solutions

Skin Type Solutions


The Skin Type Solutions System evaluates four facial skin attributes to scientifically determine your Baumann Skin Type.®

Dry (D) vs. Oily (O)
Your skin’s oil production and ability to hold onto water determine your skin’s hydration status and tendency toward enlarged or clogged pores.

Sensitive (S) vs. Resistant (R)
Sensitive skin types experience acne, redness, burning, stinging or frequent rashes. Resistant skin types rarely suffer from inflammation, and need stronger ingredients.

Pigmented (P) vs. Non-pigmented (N)
Pigmented skin types experience discoloration, while Non-pigmented skin types are even in color. This parameter is independent of ethnicity.

Wrinkle prone (W) vs. Tight (T)
Wrinkle-prone skin types require anti-aging ingredients, while Tight skin types are teenagers and others who are not yet ready for aging prevention.

Your Doctor is an Expert on Skincare Technology

Skin Type Solutions

The best way to optimize your skin’s function, health and appearance is with consistent use of the proper combination of skincare products. Your doctor and his or her staff have chosen to undergo advanced training in order to match the appropriate skincare products to your skin type. They have been educated on the latest advances in skincare science and have access to the most effective technologies in the world—many of which are exclusive to the Skin Type Solutions System. We congratulate you on understanding that specially trained doctors and their medical staff are the most reliable source of skincare information, and choosing a medical practice that is on the cutting edge of skincare science.

As us to customize and prescribe the proper skincare regimen for you today.

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